Friday, November 17, 2017

A Christmas Gift Guide

"Förtrollade Skogen" ("Enchanted Forest") giclée print
9" x 24" / $80  •  13.5" x 36" / $135  •  17.5" x 48" / $160

Copyright © Edward Riojas

“Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat. blah, blah, blah...”

Who comes up with those lyrics, anyway?! And to top it off, I can only hear Kermit and Miss Piggy in my head when I suffer through that sorry song. Thankfully, there are far greater options when it comes to Advent and Christmas music – like Bach, Buxtehude, or anything else that doesn't involve an amphibian and a barnyard animal.
"Parable of the Buried Treasure" giclée print
10" x 16" / $75  •  15" x 24" / $110
19" x 32" / $150

The same is true when it comes to chucking crap in a shopping cart and calling it a “gift.” You know who you are: The one who slowly peruses an entire pink aisle with glazed-over eyes; the one who hefts a sausage/cheese/stale cracker box to estimate the amount of saturated fats contained therein; the one who decides Uncle Cliff really can use an air fryer. C’mon, there are alternatives, so let me help.

There is enough variety in what I offer to make everyone happy – including you. Whether it is a fine art print that reflects the Divine, or a whimsical image that teases the child within, or wearable, edgy art that makes a statement, each item will tell the recipient that you cared enough to find something a little extra special. What follows is a small sampling of items – each of which might appeal to that certain someone...
"There Was A Drake" giclée print
12" x 15" / $75  •   16" x 20" / $120

For the kid [in you]
My earliest “troll” painting was extremely popular with children of all ages, and prints found their way to doctors’ waiting rooms, kid’s rooms, and into collections of discerning adults. Prints of “Förtrollade Skogen” are available in a variety of sizes and prices. Of course, ‘Skogen’ is just one of several whimsical images that I offer. There are two other "troll" paintings done in the same format so they can be ordered in the same dimensions. As with all my giclée prints, prices include domestic shipping, etc.

Comfort in the home
One of my most popular sacred images is “The Parable of the Buried Treasure.” It’s slightly-different interpretation of the parable is appropriate for everyone, and serves as a constant reminder of our Hope in Christ Jesus. Another image in the same genre is “Precious in the Sight of The Lord.”

For the nursery
If you are searching for images that are perfectly cute for a nursery, please consider one or more prints from this set containing a drake that went out to rake. Oddly enough, they are based on an old mummers’ Christmas tune –the theme is how different animals work a farmer’s field, “on Christ-a-mas Day in the morning.”

For those with an attitude
What do you give a guy who rides a hog? A black t-shirt. What do you give a pastor who wears black all the time? A black t-shirt. What do you give anyone who is Lutheran and doesn’t appreciate papal bulls? THIS black t-shirt. Perfectly at home under an Armani suit and paired with jeans, you’ll be the envy of every Augustinian monk. Sizes S-XXL, while supplies last. $25 includes domestic shipping.
"Gospel Crucifix" giclée print
13.5" x 18" / $75
16.5" x 22" / $100

For home, wherever that is
These crucifix giclée prints can make a dorm room more like home for someone spreading their wings, or simply make any house more like a home. I offer a couple of variations, and in multiple sizes and prices. The version shown here contains the four Gospel writers on the arms of the cross. Another version shows blood and water pouring into Chalice and Baptismal font.

For parents, grandparents and little saints
I recently finished illustrating this fine, little book written by Ashlee and Rev. Gaven Mize, and it’s bound [see what I did there?!] to become a classic. While I don’t offer it on any of my sites, please allow me to steer you to places where they can be purchased. “God Loves Me Such That He Would Give” is available in hard cover and soft cover at Mize Family Books, Ad Crucem, and Amazon.

For an even greater mind-boggling selection, please visit or swing by my public Facebook page to see what’s new. As with all the products I offer, purchase inquiries funnel into my e-mail address, Send me a note if you’re interested in anything you see – and let me know if there’s something you don’t see. I promise I won’t send you down the pink aisle.

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