Friday, December 22, 2017

A Hymn for Christmas

"Madonna and Child" Edward Riojas. 2017.
(Copyright © Edward Riojas.
Neither text nor image may be reproduced.) 

Copyright © Edward Riojas

O Boundless Lord of Heaven

O boundless Lord of heaven,
Who tented far below
The canopy of angels
That man Thy Grace might know,

Creation Thou didst measure – 
A span of Thine own hand.
The seas, Thou didst create them,
And richly blessed the land.

Where dost Thy presence faileth?
Where dost Thy train not go?
What space might e’er contain Thee,
That we, our Lord, might know?

Thine never-ending glory
Thou settest near aside;
The Swaddled for the Boundless,
Among us to abide.

The snare wast set for Satan,
Who plagues our fallen race,
To tempt the Tempter’s blood-lust
And thereby sin efface.

O ever-gracious Christ-Child,
To Thee we give our praise;
To Father and The Spirit,
Our gladsome voices raise! Amen.

 – © EJR


  1. I hear this being sung to the tune of "Llangloffan" Did you have a tune in mind when you wrote it?

    1. No, I didn't have a tune in mind, although there are probably a few that would fit. Instead, I handed off the text to our Kantor.