Friday, January 3, 2020

2020: What’s Coming on the Horizon

Page spread from Kloria Publishing's "Dear Christians, One And All Rejoice," to be released in April, 2020

Copyright © Edward Riojas

Okay, folks, you’ve had your break from the Art Curmudgeon, but the fun is over and it’s time to get serious.

My absence was due to a perfect storm composed of a post-Thanksgiving Day rush on print orders, an intense, “little,” art promotion that benefited a worthy cause, and a crappy cold that netted an antibiotic regimen. All of that is now in the past – except for the antibiotics.

We are now in a new year with a new bundle of possibilities and hopes. However, before we get all weird and begin dropping stupid puns like “Having 20/20 vision,” let’s be a bit more cautious and bring the Lord along with us into the New Year. I don’t want to say I will do thus and so, only to be divinely rebuked with, “You fool!” Our plans are always integral with what the Lord has in store, so if He wants to take me sooner than later, then a few projects will obviously be left for others to complete. That’s just the way it is.

As long as I am able, however, the ever-evolving project roster will cause me to stay focused, and I will continue to crank out pieces this side of heaven. So here is what’s going on:

I am currently working on a series of four paintings for a repeat client. The piece, based on the Venite, will hang in the chapel at Zion Lutheran Church, Wausau, and will play a secondary role to the Zion Altarpiece, which I also created for the chapel.

I’m also working on a secular entry for ArtPrize. The now-biennial event gave me a much needed rest last year, but it’s hard to stay away from such a competition when it’s in my own back yard, and this fall the event returns in all its tarnished glory.

If you were paying attention a few weeks ago, Kloria Publishing gave a soft reveal of a book, "Dear Christians, One And All Rejoice," that is slated for an April release. I finished the project nearly a year ago. Besides Kloria’s book release, I will concurrently release several new prints based on the illustrations.

Even though I have started to decline some book projects – my sincere apologies to those affected – I will be working on a few assorted publications that have either been languishing on back-burners or are from repeat clients. I don’t feel I can drop book titles just yet, but I’ve been collaborating with Rev. Michael Holmen, Rev. Evan Scamman, and Rev. Tyrel Bramwell on diverse projects.

I’ve also been working with Rev. Nathan Sherrill and Rev. Timothy Frank on music publications for the fledgling David’s Harp RSO, and illustrations for a third book are in progress. On a side note, I’ve been enlisted in an artistic advisory role with David’s Harp, which may well expand my involvement beyond illustrator.

I will also continue to collaborate with Carrie Roberts of Ecclesiastical Sewing. My hand will be seen in certain large “sets” of paraments/vestments, and I will occasionally work on custom designs for some of her clients.

There are also several large projects looming in various stages of approval from clients and prospective clients. These come from far-flung corners of Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and various parts of Texas. I am also being kept in the loop on developments in Sri Lanka.

Not one to allow my mind to go slack, I also have two or three non-commissioned projects in mind for completion this year. As if I need something to do.

None of this is being mentioned in order to toot my own horn. Rather, it is a wake-up call to the mountain of work that is staring me in the face. There is much to do and little time to waste, which brings me to the harsh reality: It’s time to wrap up this post and get to work.

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